Hamster set ups need various items to furnish the cages and provide variety and enrichment for hamsters. The first thing to say is - beware! There are so many things sold for hamsters that are either unsuitable, or dangerous, or too small for Syrians. Most hamster items sold tend to be only big enough for dwarf hamsters. Syrian hamsters do better with rat sized toys and tunnels. Some items sold have visible glue or nails. Some are made of fabric which can be chewed and cause digestive blockages or the threads can get wrapped round a hamster's feet (cutting off the circulation) or teeth. Some are hung by chains and a hamster can get a foot caught and end up hanging by a broken leg.

So with that out of the way, here are some things we think make good hamster cage toys. You will probably find a lot more recommendations from members on our forum as well, so please check out the forum.

Ceramic items are good - easily washed. Eg ceramic food bowls and sand dishes.
Hyacinth tunnels, seagrass tunnels, wicker tunnels are all good
Plastic sputniks (that hang from the roof) are good
Cork logs and cork bark are good.
Bendy bridges are popular and useful - but check them for large gaps
Cardboard tubes and toys are good too - cardboard is your friend! Safe to be chewed as well. And suitable for making home made toys and houses
Sisal string or rope can be used to attach items to bars (not ordinary cotton string) to replace items that have chains.
Egg boxes (cardboard) can make hammocks or extra hidey places.

There are also quite a few commercial hamster items that are fine - and some that aren't, so check on our forum for advice (some of us have found out by trial and error!)