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  • Cage cleaning tips
    My Mum does that with the Christmas tree so she knows where to put the decks each year 😁
    • Helens hamster
  • Taming your hamster
    I’ll be needing this soon Maz. Thank you! 😊
    • Helens hamster
  • Photo comp winner Nibbles
    Well done Mrs H Nibbles looks a perfect picture gorgeous expression he looks like he is thinking hurry up and take it I'm going to blink or move...
    • Jain
  • Photo comp winner Nibbles
    Such a cute photo 😊
    • Zara
  • Photo comp winner Nibbles
    Beautiful picture and beautiful Hamster. 😍
    • Wren the robo

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  • How to catch an escaped hamster
    5.00 star(s)
    This article gives you many ways to catch your escaped hamster and it is very informative and followable. For any hamster owner who has lost their...
    • Hammie Heart